Justus (translated in Thamilzh as Yusthu)

This Paamaalaihal Project was a long time dream for Justus. He has prayed for it over the years. In 2018, he realized that the time has come to initiate this project. He recorded the hymn 'Paava Sanjalathai (What a friend we have in Jesus)' by singing all the four parts by himself, and uploaded it in his new channel. He shared the link to this newly recorded hymn to his friends in a new name, 'Yusthu', which is the translation in Thamizh for Justus. Some could identify his voice, and some couldn't. But they all welcomed the initiative.

From then on Justus decided to record a hymn, and made a small video of it and uploaded in youtube every Sunday morning. People who grew up in Anglican, Lutheren, and Methodist Church Music loved these hymns sung in 4-part harmony as sung in Churches. Soon people from other Church music, contemporary worship music also welcomed this project. They encouraged Justus to sing all the hymns that are in the Hymn books. Justus's wife, Hepsiba (Vibina), son Handel, and his church choir members and his vocal students would accompany him seasonaly in singing.

Today, we could see that these hymns are being played in many Churches. During the 2020 pandemic lockdowns, most of the traditional online churches used these hymns extensively for their worship services, all across the country where Thamizh services are held. Paamaalaihal (Hymns) is known in the remotest villages in Tamil Nadu to all over the world. Justus continually receives a word of encouragement and prayers from friends and fans from Thamizh people living in the US, UK, Australia, and South East Asian countries.

Justus is so encouraged and continues to record the hymns week after week, and is glad that these songs are being a blessing to many in all walks of life. Also, he is so glad that God has chosen him to be His instrument in documenting these old time-tested hymns for this and for the future generations.

Listen to these hymns here and stay blessed!